We’ve worked with hundreds of growers around the world setting up effective grow spaces and have learned many of the questions you have for us before buying. We’ve put them together here to help you understand more about Honor the Plant and about our grow bags and grow beds.

WHERE ARE YOUR GROW BAGS AND GROW BEDS MADE? As of July 2019 all or our grow bags and grow beds are made in our small manufacturing shop in Denver, Colorado. We pay fair wages and provide a kick ass work environment for our workers. We have some of the best seamstresses in the world making our products.

WHAT SIZES DO YOUR BAGS COME IN? Our smallest bag is our new Seed Starter bag and it’s only 4 inches X 4 inches. It holds about 1/4 Gallons of soil and is great for starting seeds and for the first few weeks of the plants life. After that we have our most popular product which is our 3/4 Gallon Seedling bag. We offer full size grow bags from 3 Gallon to 50 Gallon. We offer our grow beds in sizes from 20” to 60”. Please ask us about custom sizes.

  • 1/4 Gallon Seed Starter

  • 3/4 Gallon Seedling Bag

  • 1 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 8 Gallon

  • 12 Gallon, 15 Gallon, 25 Gallon, 35 Gallon & 50 Gallon

  • Custom Sizes Available

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS WORTH THE MONEY? We understand you can grow plants and weeds in plastic bags but we choose to use the finest tools and ingredients to ensure a healthy harvest. Our grow bags and grow beds are made with the finest USA made raw materials and include certifications like UL’s GreenGuard™. Our products are made to last grow-after-grow without breaking down in your soil.

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS DESIGNED FOR GROWING? YES! We grow. We’re growers! And we want to grow the best for ourselves and our families. We love to grow and garden and we love being part of the community. Every inch of our bags and beds are designed for us the grower! We are constantly improving with the awesome feedback from the community!

WHY DON’T YOU MAKE YOUR PRODUCTS OUT OF HEMP? Great question! We actually tried that several years ago and realized quickly that the one place in our grow rooms and gardens we want NON-organic is in our grow bags. The reason is simple. We don’t want our grow bags or grow beds to break down in our soils and in to our plants. We go to great lengths to ensure we make our grow bags and grow beds with the correct materials that are designed for the grow room environment. This is also why we choose to work with only the most reputable raw material suppliers in the USA so they can guarantee us the quality of the materials we start with. The finest raw materials combined with our passion for making the products is why Honor products are the finest available.

WHAT SIZE GROW BAG OR GROW BED SHOULD I USE? This might be the hardest question we get asked because there are so many styles and so many different size of grow rooms and gardens. If you’re a beginner and want us to just tell you what we recommend without any more info, then we suggest you start with a 5 Gallon. That is a nice size that is manageable in most grow spaces. If you have questions or want to learn more please reach out to us on Instagram. If you’re a beginner and looking to get into growing with a grow bed we’d suggest starting with the 30” if you have the space.

Why don’t you use Felt in your new Core Grow Bags and Grow Beds? It’s simple! We’ve got better materials and better design after 2 years of working with the grow community and learning what people want and need. We’ve been able to not only reduce the weight of our bags, but we’ve made them stronger and built to last longer. By eliminating the felt our bags will have an extended life for a true grow-after-grow bag! We still make bags with Felt lining for those looking for a heavy wall bag. Our new felt is made in the USA and of a very high quality. We call our former bags made with felt our X2 Grow bags.

 WHAT IS CANNAWALL? This is what we call our main fabric and as of July 2019 we now have it made in the USA out of the finest materials for indoor/outdoor use.

WHERE CAN WE BUY YOUR PRODUCTS? Currently the ONLY place to buy authorized Honor the Plant grow bags and grow beds is on this website or on our Etsy site here. Be cautious purchasing any grow bags or grow beds that claim to be Honor and not sold from us. If they’re not sold here or on our Etsy site they’re not our bags! The materials might look like ours, but it’s not.

WHY DO YOU USE ETSY TO SELL? Our growers feel safe using Etsy when purchasing. It is a very secure platform for our customers.

DO YOU SHIP DISCREET? Yes! We ship in plain boxes! All it says on the address is from “Coda” with our Denver address. We don’t want anyone to know you have the best grow bags in the world! We treat privacy very seriously!

WILL YOU HELP ME GROW? We can’t help everyone grow the perfect plant but we’d be happy to help talk with you about your grow room or garden setup. We believe a proper setup is one of the keys to a great grow. If you need inspiration or growing style ideas there are so many amazing growers and gardeners on Instagram we suggest finding a few you love there and pay attention to what they do.

WHO IS CODA? CODA is the name of our logo. He is full of positive energy and part of the grow community!